Welcome to Marmalade & Rye

Oh, hello there.  I'm Michelle, a Boston based cooking, eating and feeding people enthusiast.  I started Marmalade & Rye in late 2014 as an ode to my voracious appetite for all things gastronomy.  This blog runs the gamut from original recipes to Boston's local food scene and international travel.

The name of the blog refers to a delicious cocktail a friend and I came up with during a particularly long and cold winter.  After making clementine marmalade for Christmas presents I found myself left with a hefty surplus.  Our inventive and industrious (ahem, thirsty) minds quickly discovered that clementine marmalade goes deliciously with a bit of soda water and a generous pour of rye whiskey.  Coincidentally, rye toast topped with warm marmalade also makes for a highly satisfying breakfast.  Recipe for the marmalade and cocktail to come. 

Thanks for stopping by!

- Michelle